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As an artist I have a multi-faceted practice, primarily working with sculpture, photography, installations and community projects.

My sculptural practice grew around the inspirations of small elements from nature; textures, forms, patterns, characteristics and oddities. Intrigued by the versatility and tenacity of felt I chose to use it as an alternative material for sculpting. I paired my felted forms with other media such as metal, wood, paper and fabric, carefully balancing their qualities to give an enhanced tactile and aesthetic experience.

Following problems with repetitive strain injuries, from needle felting, I have moved on to using wood as my main material but continue to incorporate felt and other textiles into my work along with metal and found objects. I enjoy bringing out the characteristics of the wood but contrasting them with the softness and hardness of other materials. Using these varied materials allows me to convey meaning with a minimalist technique.

An interest in how nature overcomes and incorporates the burdens we place upon it, has furthered my photographic enquiry into urban decay and inspired me to start experimenting with concrete as a sculpting material.

My own life experiences have led me to creating installation pieces and also to work with groups who have come together through a shared life experience. Having the opportunity to help others express themselves through art is enriching for me as an individual and for my practice.   

Me in my studio - quick sketch by my dear Dad

'Always looking, always seeing something new. Amazed that one can look at something again and again and each time see it with new eyes. Fascinated at the way my imagination can twist and turn things, run with them and fly....'

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