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Taking Tea with Beelzebub

Living with a chronic illness of any kind is never easy and when it’s also a condition that people often cannot see and one that, even in 2019, still has huge stigma attached to it, life can be a battleground.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my early twenties, many times hiding it behind some made up illness, for fear of admitting the truth to others and at times to myself. Having grown up with a parent who also suffered, I was well aware of some of the signs from the outside, but when you are on the inside….that’s another story.

I hope that by sharing some of my story through artwork it may help others who are struggling….or those who struggle to understand.

The making of Beelzebub was part of a 2 day workshop I attended called Shapeshifting Expressing Depression ; Creating Visual Languages for Invisible and Unquantifiable Experiences. For further information on this workshop


Photos credit: DWC Imagery

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